Friday, December 13, 2013

Finished my first semester of college

Damn I haven't blogged in a longgggg time. What's new? Well. I finally hit 190. I briefly broke past my 191 barrier. I'm also 36.2% body fat. In January I was pretty close to 50%. I'm gonna shoot to lose another 10 by February to put me in the 20s.

I started my first year at ECU back in August and I can't believe that I'm done with one semester. AND I'm not failing anything! Crazy right?

I initially lost 10 lbs when I first got to school but I gained it back. I'm slowly taking it off the right way (I followed the "Paleo" diet the first time). I'm also learning to love myself and to realize my own self worth. I'm a prize and people need to see that. If they don't, then they aren't worth MY time.