Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lazy, lazy, lazy

Well, I DID work out yesterday and I lost .2 pounds so I'm a bit happy about that. I did some light cardio on a bike (I love the bike, but it makes me booty numb) which was enjoyable. PT is becoming progressively better, even if it does hurt a little. I keep intending to go back to strength training, honestly. Though, the fact that I'm confined to one particular style (upper body) bothers me. However, I will do what needs to be done. In fact, I took someone's idea and I plan to incorporate it into my work out plan.


  • 2x upper body pulling per week (rows, pull-ups, that sort of thing)
  • 2x upper body pressing per week (bench press, pushups, dips)
  • A nice excuse to hammer the upper body for a bit
1) 1 leg balance drill – 10×2 (as long as I can hold, not very long right now)
2) Wall ankle mobilizations – 10×2 per side (these are great, even if you are fully healthy)
**This is for ankle strengthening**

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