Friday, March 8, 2013


It's Friday, Friday! This week was long. Very long. But it's over AND I'm back down to 194. Hopefully I'll never see those other numbers again. It's inspiring and gives me hope when I see subtle differences in my life. Whether it's turning down Doritos that my boyfriend taunts me with or seeing the pounds on the scale slowly go down. I know eventually it will stop, and I will gain, but only because I'll be building muscle. But if there is one thing I need, just as so many other people, it's commitment. I need to commit to a lot of things, specifically loving myself. I need to commit to waking up in the morning, lacing up my sneakers, and heading out the door, especially when I wake up on my own accord. This is something that holds me back. Maybe it's the thought of success. The thought of actually getting what I want internally terrifies me. I don't know. But regardless, I need to overcome this. I've not assessed how to do so, but it needs to be done if I plan on doing ANYTHING with my life. 

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