Saturday, March 2, 2013

Work, burritos, cupcakes, and Reubens

I started my "new" old job today. I work two jobs: One at the YMCA as an after school counselor and the other at Michaels Arts and Crafts. I've been on about a month's sabbatical from working at Michaels and now I'm a permanent member.

So I came back and what did I find? My best friend, offering me half a burrito (which I DID eat), and St. Patty's day themed cuppycakes. Now, I haven't had a cupcake in months so heck yeah I ate it. And it was delicious. Work was pretty standard and went by rather quickly. My beau is in Sanford so I didn't get to hang out with him after work ):< But it's all good.

Dinner consisted of Reuben sandwiches. I did not log everything I at today, but meh. Someone DID comment on my weight loss and told me I was "lookin' good." That made me happy. It's comments like that, that encourage me to continue doing what I'm doing. I also gave weight loss advice to someone (:

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